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Die Hard 1

The citizen-soldier

We return to my favorite action film director: Mr. John McTiernan. His portrayal of the American hero in the American city is our subject today, as opposed to man outside the city (The Predator). He excelled at both, who knew the soul of man.

Mr. Bruce Willis is to be our hero, […]

Die Hard: With a Vengeance

The city on fire

This action movie looks back to the original it succeeds. Apparently, this is because of vengeance: the evil man today is brother to the evil man the other day. Apparently, Americans find it impossible or undesirable to destroy the evil to the last one, so they have to fight the […]

Captain America: The first avenger

Matthew 26:41 The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak

An American boy, weaker than most, decides to save America. He is very spirited. Every time he is rejected for military service, he tries again. A 4f cannot stop a Brooklyn boy, because that’s just bureaucrat talk. He looks & talks American, but […]

Live Free or Die Hard

Democracy & heroes

This is the last of a kind. The men grow old; the young are not men. The daughter rebels against her nobody father; she apparently owes him nothing. Maybe his family’s abandonment makes it easier for him to risk his life… The boy John McClane must protect is white, meek, a […]

Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, part 2

Stories about magic

This is the latter half of the final Harry Potter story. Magic means replacing objects by their images, apparently. Someone always fights & dies for this most popular democratic boy. He does not let anyone die whose life he can spare, whoever’s life he has to risk. Harry Potter has replaced […]

Bad Teacher

Sex & injustice

On the day she supposes she has enslaved an idiotic millionaire, the teacher, careless of her students, says she will miss them. She tells the faculty she’d avoided she regrets not knowing them, & that she will never teach again, but that she feels she has learnt how to set an […]


Science & summer blockbusters

Apparently, this is the way of things: There is a kind of metal planet transformed almost beyond recognition by engineering by a race of scientists, what we call robots or machines. & they are of two kinds: The former are said to be self-controlled; the others are said to be […]

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Destruction coming to a theater near you

If the first story says science is essentially evil, bent around destruction, & the third story says it must be controlled by American political first principles, this second story is unusual: It shows how men & robots learn to live together. It says the evil robots’ science […]

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

This Fourth of July

Fighting for freedom is the motto of the good robots. Their every victory hitherto has led to greater disaster. Every new movie is a thereafter, suggesting that this is no accident. In science, the good inevitably lose. So far as we are shown, that’s mostly caused by the explosions.

Power […]