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X-Men: First Class

Liberalism, science, & power

Do you want to know evil & make everything good? – Join the X-Men, the liberal answer to J. Edgar Hoover’s G-Men. Liberalism dreams dreams of scientific super-heroes. Professor X even as a boy could instantly soothe a monster that terrified people; both boy & monster turn from suspicion to cheer in a heartbeat.

Wealth is the comprehensive cure for evil, not mere cheer: the boy tells the monster she will never have to steal again. He will conquer necessity… How does he know why she stole? The way liberals always do: they read minds. What really causes evil? So-called normal people. Their intolerance causes cause nuclear wars.

Liberals cannot think monsters bad, because they think themselves safe. To liberals, the bad guy is the German Jew seeking revenge; this is not anti-Semitism, it just misunderstands the Holocaust. The liberal hero is part college kid-part mutant scientist. He picks up girls in bars. Of course liberalism is absolutely deluded.

A new FDR seems to emerge with Charles Xavier. He fulfills the liberal dream: he makes science sexy. This would install a new order. – Really, liberals risk destroying the world. They overestimate scientific power & their power over science. Xavier misunderstands anger & war. He might be able to cure fear in some few & even the people’s fear, who suspect his ambition, but he cannot cure the anger & theft of the ambitious.

Liberalism contemplates extermination with babe-like innocence. Xavier is no American partisan warring against the USSR. The Cold War is not his problem. He tells Holocaust survivors he has felt their agony. He flaunts his upper-class inheritance. He offers them no justice. If he knows the mad tyrant who murdered them, he is indifferent… Eventually, he helps cold-blooded murder, after trying to calm murder with morality, unsuccessfully. Then he must fight; he loses. He is paralyzed, deservedly.

Liberalism proposes to teach people by pleasure, like women. The Jew says peace was never an option. Perpetual war teaches by pain, the manly way. He fights, so he can teach people to survive by obeying necessity. For Xavier, power is exciting: fun & games. Extermination goes unmentioned. I wonder, Who teaches liberals history these days?, because they lie to themselves about what they want when they want power.

The mutants are the endgame of liberalism. They call themselves perfect, hence beautiful. The last liberal virtue, tolerance, dissolves the human being & replaces it by awful Power, individual & inhuman. – Happily, we are spared this nightmare, multitudes running around, enchanted & disenchanted, discharging powers they cannot understand. Without political & natural limits, they would be free. Reason & necessity could not constrain them; they would become radically independent & unpredictable, like God.

For fans of the X-MEN comics.