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Van Wilder

Sex & school

Infamous college movies appeared in the seventies & have since refused to disappear. – Nor will they anytime soon, despite all decency… They thrust forward the passionate nature of American youths. & yet these stories have a moral ending: Punishing outrages against democracy.

At the end, all the students come together […]

The Proposal

How to solve people’s problems by marrying them

In a NYC corporation, a servant boy & his boss are to marry. He does his job, but resents her bitchiness. Apparently, he cannot suppose he deserves what he desires. – He admits both his ambition & his boss’s excellence. You might say, therefore: he wants […]

Super 8

Kids & aliens revisited

The year’s first kids’ movie is also the first movie with kids taken seriously in Hollywood in some time. Nowadays, animation seems to have replaced this genre. If the genre is making a comeback, we should know why it matters. In fact, we should know even if it has been […]

Green Lantern

Political courage

In this story, fear is the color yellow. Not cowards: fear itself, or the fearful things. Green is the color of the willful. Indeed, all that lives will live. We are told will is cosmic power. Channeling it is justice, not some Nietzschean cosmic tyranny, because the powerful do not get to […]

X-Men: First Class

Liberalism, science, & power

Do you want to know evil & make everything good? – Join the X-Men, the liberal answer to J. Edgar Hoover’s G-Men. Liberalism dreams dreams of scientific super-heroes. Professor X even as a boy could instantly soothe a monster that terrified people; both boy & monster turn from suspicion to […]

The Hangover 4

The turn to Las Vegas

The disappearing bridegroom dresses correctly, nearly semi-formal, which democracy allows. The suit is black, so he is a bit uptight; he has a narrow jaw, but a jaw; his collar is open, but the shirt is white… – But leave aside his look: he may be better understood through […]

The hangover 2

The lovable scoundrel

The four friends get on the hotel roof to start the night. They make two toasts. The first guy, cautious, calls the Vegas bachelor party ‘a minor speed-bump on the road to marriage.’ Conformists talk this way, afraid to call a spade a spade. But the euphemism comically points to what […]

The Hangover 3

For all the good talking does-

Now the plot must prove both right to so put them together, the good & the beautiful. The cautious look to their interest, censored by shame. The daring look to beauty, hindered by thoughtlessness. Mobsters, gunfights, tigers, whores, & casinos are involved at one point or another. At […]

The Hangover 1

When life gets complicated…

This was the surprise hit of 2009. Cheap, for a Hollywood production, free of studio stars, & boasting an unusual plot. This popularity hides it own causes, unusually. If you see it, you get it; but you cannot then have seen it coming. Had it not been popular, it would […]