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Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl 1

A pirate’s life

We first see Jack Sparrow peering over the horizon from the mast of what turns out to be a sinking boat. He just alights on the pier as it goes under, everyone’s astounded eyes on him. That is Jack Sparrow’s life, with comic brevity. A clerk charges him for mooring the wreck & asks for his name; Sparrow bribes his way into anonymity, then steals the clerk’s money. – He repays injustice with greater injustice. A deceitful man, his heart is never on his tongue. But does he gives men what they deserve?

This is the story of how Jack Sparrow met Will & Elizabeth. She is a small aristocrat trapped in a corset who invites an orphaned blacksmith’s apprentice’s familiarity. She saved his life & holds his destiny in said corset. Conventions stifle her. He is a swordsmith who fights imaginary pirates. He jumps at the chance to kill real pirates, being a righteous man. He alone feels he needs to commit suicide or to sacrifice his life to save others.

He observes propriety with Elizabeth, following every convention. He would love her, but conventions separate them; he wants to save the city – it does not want him. The city’s honored soldiers lack his enthusiasm… He wants to save Elizabeth from pirates – the authorities mock him. She was always fascinated with pirates… To rescue her, he breaks the laws & rescues the pirate he’d imprisoned, forsaking his every moral principle – which is ridiculous. But it is also funny to think that Elizabeth’s father put on her the corset – & Jack Sparrow removed it…

Will’s father, Jack Sparrow says, was a good man & a pirate. – Will is outraged, who is himself a pirate & a good man. Like his father, Will proves himself by not helping Jack Sparrow in his time of need. – But that might merely be prudence, for Jack Sparrow is the cleverest speaker. Will sees his ambition in Jack Sparrow – his love of treasure – & weakly denies it: he does not want money. But is a pirate’s love of treasure mere greed? Jack Sparrow teaches Will about human nature: some things a man can do, others he can’t. But is piracy in our nature? After all, there is no honor among pirates. Certainly, Jack Sparrow forces Will to go beyond the conventions: he tells him he’s got pirate blood in him. Before too long the boy leads pirates into battle.

Will & Elizabeth are finally married: her father, the governor, breaks whatever laws remained, lying to himself & everyone else. But we will soon see that law & war are harsh & cannot be gentled to suit young lovers. This sweet marriage ignores the fact that pirates sell their souls & leave the cities of men. No happiness will come to these lovers.

If you like Johnny Depp, you will love him as a pirate!

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