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Cast a Giant Shadow

The birth of a nation

Mickey Marcus graduated West Point. He attended law school. As US Attorney, he prosecuted gangsters. Mayor LaGuardia praised him. Marcus was JAG. He was in the Organized Reserve, then activated in WWII. He worked in Hawaii & Washington before parachuting in Normandy in the first wave. He helped draw […]


On Zionism

The Biblical Book of Exodus recounts Moses’ original founding of the Jewish nation. In this story, Exodus is a ship carrying European refugees. Moses & the divine law have been replaced by Ari ben Canaan & the memory of the Holocaust.

First we face a crisis of rulership. Newman has to take […]

The Passion of the Christ

Some notes on divine justice

I recommend The Passion of the Christ to the people whenever someone asks my opinion, because it showcases the suffering of Christ. This most obvious & most neglected evidence for Christ’s divinity seems to be best understood by Catholic: The divine requirement for suffering – briefly, but excruciatingly – […]

The Fighter

Manliness & the problem of family

Contemporary America is a bad time for aspiring white boxers. Irish Micky knows this. He is ashamed both because he dislikes his family & because they abuse him. Filial piety & justice conflict. Foremost, he lacks confidence, not skill.

This recalls Rocky: America’s predicament is a loss of […]


Fighting the good fight

We are used to seeing Ghetto Jews in WWII films – defenseless, tyrannized, murdered. For once, we see wild Jews, peasants fighting in a forest camp, trying to survive between Nazis & Soviets on the Eastern Front.

In the camp, a socialist intellectual is quarreling with a kind of Rabbi. […]


Rough strife & gentle love

Liam Neeson plays an American spy-assassin whose daughter is kidnapped. Never the bleeding-heart liberal, he starts his own war to get her back. He tells the kidnappers merely this: I don’t know who you are, but if you don’t let my daughter go, I will find you & kill […]

Source Code

Of man & his country

This is the movie about American optimism. Americans can die several deaths for the sake of getting what they want. In an unusual, a bold, & an intriguing move, this latest Hollywood hero is actually a hero. A war hero, a man who fought for his country in Afghanistan. […]

The king’s speech

What’s left of what once was

This was the Oscar movie of the year. It may well have deserved winning over its competition. It certainly says unusually much about Hollywood. Finally, I write about this prompted by my most decent friends, who were touched or endeared by this movie.

But as for my audience, […]

Noises off…

The hard work of the god of love Some notes on the double meaning of action

A theater troupe trying to stage a sex farce faces unbearable troubles in the Midwest. The better actors cannot remember their lines & cues; the worse actors can; & the director is losing the little patience left to […]