Table of contents

Sucker Punch

Storytelling as therapy

Zack Snyder’s new movie is premiering. After 300, a male entertainment, & Watchmen, a nerd entertainment, now he makes a movie starring six young girls. If you think of pornography as empowerment, this is for you.

A young girl sent to a mental asylum has to dodge a lobotomy & escape. […]

Just Go With It 2

The woman’s guide to marriage

Just go with it means improvise, as opposed to following the rules. Democracy destroyed manners & imposed equality. Democracy stands, therefore, between a woman & happiness. – Democratic men can be boorish… She might love this man – but his rampant womanizing astonishes & makes her indignant. What decent […]

Just Go With It 1

Love & make-believe

Adam Sandler is back, playing a guy deceived by an unspectacular woman, his fiancée. Most unusual. He changes from cardiologist to plastic surgeon, aiming to love every pretty girl in California. He shows promise. – There is good reason for a life of pleasure to be shallow. In a way, he […]


Power in the liberal mind

Our protagonist is a writer, concerned with a manifesto about the individual’s plight in the 21st century. How narcissistic… He also mentions a utopian society. How juvenile. First, the girl leaves him. Second, he meets a dealer.

The story seems made for a trailer: it shows he gets everything […]


Laughing the Western to death

The lizard is wandering through the desert, not knowing whether he is ready to die, mumbling to himself, in a daze: Four score & seven years ago, our fathers brought forth into this land… Soon enough, he has to run from an eagle. He survives somehow, but he gets […]

Battle: Los Angeles

The Marine Corps

This is the American War of the Worlds. It takes our modern world dead seriously, so the military stands for mankind. The original book showed that science is only vulnerable to change, not to mankind or God, which is worthless or, at least, defenseless. The American novelty is foregrounding the art […]


Pretending to fight the good fight

I return to Liam Neeson. I have reviewed one of his best films, The A-Team, where he plays a soldier called Hannibal. His unusual patriarchal voice is the crux in another set of movies I have reviewed, The Chronicles of Narnia. & for those of you who have […]

The Adjustment Bureau

Liberalism & free will

This starts like the Barack Obama movie – up to somebody saying thinking seriously is above his pay grade. The meteoric rise of a young politician who merely flatters people by allowing them to associate with him, but who has never accomplished anything. This young man talks about how young […]

Gridiron Gang

How football makes Americans

We begin in a bad neighborhood. Gangs have replaced families. Street shootings & armed robbery are common; fathers are abusive or absent, mothers helpless. The men running a prison for young boys – young barbarians who have luckily survived the onslaught of barbarism – decide to redeem them through football […]