Table of contents

The Bourne Ultimatum

The first & the last – he that liveth & was dead

Stories about spies turn on the plot about betrayal, teaching justice by teaching about the dangers of breaking the laws. The fact that everybody in the story has broken the laws, or lives as if laws do not apply to them forces […]

The Bourne Supremacy

Out of his mouth went a sharp two-edged sword

This time, Bourne attempts to live the private life. He has found a woman who loves him & whom he loves. He has learnt, apparently, not to be curious. He flees to another continent. So long as nobody knows him, he does not mind not […]

The Bourne Identity

Death was following close behind him

The first Bourne movie is fittingly the daring story of a daring man. We can only hope we will not regret it, for daring labors under several difficulties. Fans & director alike kindly ignore them out of kindred spirit, but sensible men must notice them to understand them. […]

The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)

Love law-breaker

John McTiernan was a rarity in Hollywood, who portrayed spirited women, convinced chasing after women is happiness, & made action movies displaying manly struggle & suffering. He remade two Jewison movies. This is the one about beauty & love.

Thomas Crown loves beautiful things & does not love the laws. Therefore the […]

The Thomas Crown Affair 2

Some notes on love & the laws

Let us follow the woman, because she tries to catch the man. She is a bounty hunter, heedless of justice. She wants money; her clients want their money back. The terms of the deal are clear: If the police could help, she would have no clients. – […]

The Thomas Crown Affair 1

Some notes on virtue & wealth

This is an unusual movie: Its hero is a rather private villain. – A kind of gentleman, who loves beautiful & expensive things; a businessman, dishonest & unkind, who knows justice is the association of a gang of thieves, but blinds his workers to this truth; an adventurer, […]

The Way Back

On men & freedom

We start in a basement. The Red Army is torturing & forcing confessions. The confessions lead to condemnation: The laws become harsher to men than harsh nature. An attack on the family is an attack on the city.

In the wilderness, freedom is not a state of mind, a pretense. […]


Some notes on war, warriors, & their education

A gang of thieves confront the cadets at a military school on a celebration night, as the formally uniformed boys welcome girls to a party. The hooligans call the cadets Nazis & attack them. The cadets defend themselves; they are unimpressive fighters; likely, they fight for […]

The Mechanic (2011)

Stone cold killer

Jason Statham is neither a handsome nor a witty man. He looks like he’s been through things. He looks tough and toughened, more so when silent. He is a man and, like all men, looks somewhat worn out. He plays an assassin, murdering those who are better off dead, as he […]