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The Hunted 2

What man learned from nature Some emendations of previous remarks on nature & law

This story is a rewriting of First blood–you know the Rambo movie. A veteran of a strange war returns to America & turns against the country he swore to serve, & his master has to stop him from committing injustice. […]

The Hunted

A story about man becoming mad A few notes on nature & war

An old man is teaching young men to kill for the military. He says he never killed himself. Now, one kills one’s enemies: Whoever it is one hates: Those hurting, endangering, or threatening one… This is part of the art of […]

The Green Hornet 2

Some notes on the need for comedy in republics

Our story is an attempt to repair the problem created by the distinction between good & evil. Immediately, this means for us the legal & the illegal. Since not all laws are good laws, & sometimes lawmakers are unjust, it is important to distinguish them […]

The Green Hornet 1

On the invention of a new hero

The young man who is our protagonist lived a life of parties: fast women, loud music, & strong booze. His father despised him for squandering wealth & status in this way, but perhaps the old man, busy with political scandals in his media empire, never really loved […]

Executive decision

Terrorism comes to America

The executive is the most American part of America. Men execute orders or laws; also, they execute criminals.

Terrorists abounded before 9/11. In this story, we shall see our preparation for that war, citizens & politicians. Mid this tumult, you hear from far ancestral voices prophesying war. Showing Muslim terrorists, […]

The Shootist

John Wayne, at the end

This was John Wayne’s last movie, the story of the last shootist, who comes to the city to die. He looks unmenacing; a robber makes his last move on him; so soon as he enters the city, he loses his way. It’s hard to follow him in the hurrying […]

Rooster Cogburn

John Wayne, near the end

Duke followed up with Rooster Cogburn. His penultimate film shows irreverence. How can an old man be as daring as a youth? It is natural for spirited, imprudent youth… But Duke was nothing if not a man, defiant.

Rooster is helping an old woman now. Again, man & woman […]

True Grit

John Wayne, near the end

In 1969, John Wayne won the Oscar. The Duke quipped, had he known all it took was an eye patch, he would have put it on 30 years earlier. Duke loved Hollywood because he loved America. He used to say he made family movies. The Academy noticed, too late. […]

True Grit (2010)

The dim twilight of heroes

Young Mattie Ross asks: Who is the best marshal? Bill Waters is the best tracker. He’s part Comanche. The meanest is Rooster Cogburn; a pitiless man, double tough. Fear don’t enter into his thinking. I’d have to say the fairest is L.T. Quinn; he always brings in his prisoners […]