Table of contents

The tourist

The love of beautiful women

Johnny Depp reads spy novels. His sense of adventure apparently has no other education. The woman explains to him how he should seduce her. She does not ask him to do it: she assumes he wants to do it. She behaves like a beloved & treats him like a lover. Surprisingly, her mastery over him is reasonable: She will teach him how to make love to her. We usually would ask: why her? Why should he love her? – But this is Angelina Jolie.

The divine Jolie attracts our attention spontaneously; but Johnny Depp is inconspicuous. He abuses the word nice: at first glance, he means a weak praise of everything surrounding him. Really, he means to damn these things by the word’s hidden meaning. The tourist is the lover more generally. He looks at beautiful things, which are & are not foreign to him. He can hardly hope to have his attraction requited.

She wears a Janus-head bracelet on her left wrist & plays with it with her right hand. She says her mother taught her each man has two sides. Initially, Depp’s fears overrun his desires. By day, he is retractile. By night, he dreams of love, finally free of habit & society. Perhaps the reason a Wisconsin mathematics teacher would go to Venice is the reason we go to the movies.

He begins to reveal himself when his life is threatened. This should remind him of himself, specifically to defend himself. But he is not in danger in his own cause, but in hers. He may yet be the man she would love: She describes for him the manly spy, who flouts the way of men & seduces the women.

She is in danger, as both policemen & criminals try to kill her. They suppose she has betrayed them; the only thing standing between her & an unpleasant death is this manly spy, whose image she designs. Brutality & super-spy equipment are employed to hound a lovely apparition of a woman. Policemen too stupid to keep her from burning a letter have the technology to read the letter from the ashes. They learn nothing, except that they’re perpetually too late.

She learns that the image of the spy & the virtues are different. The good that he does is unattractive. It is difficult to recognize a man whose job requires that he conceal himself. We must know what kind of man a Wisconsin teacher would be & what kinds of things he would not know, because a man finds it very difficult to change his habits & impossible to change his mind, but his image is easily shed. He still loves his woman & he will save her…

Only for fans of Angelina Jolie & Johnny Depp