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Tron: Legacy

Playing games with our lives

Cursed by the modern science, Jeff Bridges, an old hippie, one day started inventing very powerful computers. Being a liberal, he first constructed a machine to control this new power – & do the things that liberals dare not do – & then tasked it with creating perfection. That tyranny ensued surprises every good intention. Liberals should first ensure power will do no harm, following Hippocrates. To them, science is a plaything. They think themselves creative.

The power the computer controls was supposed to be good. The purpose of wielding it is the creation of a perfect world. The dude means three things by a perfect world: That men should experiment infinitely. That power should increase infinitely. & that no harm should ever be done. Perhaps desirable, these propositions are obviously contradictory. The world the liberal created is virtual because it only understands computers, not people. If he wants godlike power & eternal peace both, he will have to force it on dissenters. But that is the peace a tyrant imposes, presumably in the name of his wisdom.

The practical result is a frightening computer game: imagine playing the games your children play if your children’s lives depended on it. Science does this with greatest ease; it is sometimes called a World War. Science reduces the world to power & proceeds to impose order on a world it assumes is mere matter to be given formed.

Science does not ask about human life & does not promote political freedom. A computer made to kill does not wonder whether it should. It can only make sense by analysis, by taking things apart. It is not meant to see how things work together. It takes apart man’s intelligence – which the computer embodies – & man’s body, which is frightfully frail.

The good, as the hippie’s boy understands it, is gleaned from complaints about the rich getting richer & the poor poorer; wars in the Middle East; & ice caps melting. – The self-flattering opinions of college activists thinking they know the world at 20 & should have power. He is as tyrannical in his moralism as his hippie father. The farther is sure he was right & tyranny happened against his best intention. He cannot change it; hindsight does not send him searching for prudence; he is as excited about forcing order on things that resent it as ever.

The consequences of this innocence can be horrifying for those affected by liberals’ best intentions. Liberals wants to transform people, whether those people want it or not. They do not plan to ask even now whether what they have created is good or bad. Across the generations, they are the same, but expect different results.

Recommended only for young fans of action movies.