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The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

On fear & war

This time, the fighting is serious, darkened by the killing. This is a day for war. In this story, a prince loses & regains his throne. Those expecting a political drama will be disappointed: Our prince is not our protagonist. He does learn his father was betrayed & murdered, but he has such a heart that he spares his murderous, usurping kin. But I digress.

The four children are called back to Narnia. They discover much has changed; more than a thousand years has passed since they fought for Narnia. Though momentarily distraught, they recoup quickly, being young, & adventure anew in bright spirits. Bad news abounds. A medieval kingdom rules the land; the animals no longer speak; Narnia is no longer a garden. As for the men, they have real armies, infantry, cavalry, & artillery… But at the end, they are kindly asked to leave, if they do not like going through the streets with asses & wossname.

The males must plan war & show their martial prowess in full battle armor. Cleverness & daring are needed. The prince & the boys may compete to see who is greatest. – Even one of the girls has taken to the marksman’s habit of killing people, with a deft hand & a sure eye. – Unfortunately, they are not great generals. – & what a happy fault, allowing them to seek the deeper truth. & if an army is butchered while these youths grapple with metaphysical quandaries, does not that lend them yet more importance? By the way, the deep truth is that fairy-tale creatures will fight & win their battles. Eventually, the kindly little girl called The Valiant discovers the all-powerful lion. The sequel perhaps gives new meaning to the phrase lion-hearted. Nevertheless, nature suddenly appears violent & easily provoked. Animated takes on its original meaning.

Unfortunately, heroes are measured by their enemies, who are, not to put too fine a point on it, bunglers, however cunning & tyrannous. Pitting a god-like lion against a rather banal man is not good sportsmanship… – Enter the noble mouse, expeditiously cutting his enemies down to his size, risking his life gallantly as the pitter-patter of his claws fills his enemies with dread &, one imagines, not a little curiosity. Though he loses his tail in battle, not to worry, it is miraculously given him back, without even a scar, wherewith he regains his splendor, unmarred by war…

The conclusion is most incredible: The defeated human kingdom’s capital happily cheers on the victorious animals. The castle is no longer gloomy which just the previous night had witnessed quite a slaughter. ‘Midst promises of a future the substance of which is hope – the children must go.

The more action-packed installment. For fans of Narnia