Table of contents

The tourist

The love of beautiful women

Johnny Depp reads spy novels. His sense of adventure apparently has no other education. The woman explains to him how he should seduce her. She does not ask him to do it: she assumes he wants to do it. She behaves like a beloved & treats him like a […]

Tron: Legacy

Playing games with our lives

Cursed by the modern science, Jeff Bridges, an old hippie, one day started inventing very powerful computers. Being a liberal, he first constructed a machine to control this new power – & do the things that liberals dare not do – & then tasked it with creating perfection. That […]

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

On sacrifice

Four children discover accidentally a magical world called Narnia. They are understandably incredulous in the beginning, except the little girl, herself a monument to gullibility. In the end, we expect, it will turn out to have been no accident, for fables end with morals.

Narnia was once garden-like, green, & filled with […]

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

On fear & war

This time, the fighting is serious, darkened by the killing. This is a day for war. In this story, a prince loses & regains his throne. Those expecting a political drama will be disappointed: Our prince is not our protagonist. He does learn his father was betrayed & murdered, but […]

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of The Dawn Treader

The good & the languid

This is a pleasing title, rife with adventure & a certain poetic sensibility. Such beauty as we espy in medieval or ancient myths at our disposal, if only it moves our hearts. This story describes a world where the hearts of the decent are true. This is a rare […]

500 Days of Summer

The fate of the lukewarm

The protagonist is youngish. His handsome face betrays lack of character, so he could pass for a lover. He is never daring. The girl is similarly young. Men love youth, however, & girls’ parents don’t mind anymore. But girls imitate the look & sometimes the habits of women.

She […]

Unforgiven 2

The passion of Clint Eastwood

Bill Munny says he is lucky when he wins the final gunfight, but that he’s always been lucky. He tells a kid: it’s a hell of a thing, killing a man – take away all he’s got & all he’s ever gonna have. He tells Little Bill, when he […]

Unforgiven 1

The ugly things & the harsh

…but I think Unforgiven is not at all a good Western, because it teaches injustice. Everyone is accordingly corrupt – & especially the law, for our claim to the good life rests on our laws.

The city of Big Whiskey is ruled by Little Bill. He is sheriff, […]


On escaping imprisonment & enlightenment

I’ve been on this incredible journey & I’ve seen & learned so much – I even met someone. In the final act, the girl Rapunzel, our very unusual heroine, explains herself in these excited words. What adolescent or tourist would not say this about herself? She might as well […]