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The next three days

American Self-hatred

Russell Crowe plays an intellectual, a professor of literature, a gentle husband & father. Then his wife is accused of murder, loses a trial & an appeal, & the family is destroyed. Of course, he believes in her innocence. His lawyer does not. We stand with our hero.

Setting in motion, he finds a master prison-breaker who teaches that perfect preparation & inhumanity are both necessary: to abandon anyone holding him back – destroy anyone getting in his way – break every law. Necessity is this harshest teacher; his name is war.

But Crowe is a family man. He goes looking for trouble, finds the right place, & takes a beating. He only buys a gun later… – Imprudence. – The liberal intellectual, confronted with necessity & injustice, is defenseless. He cannot even distinguish them.

The law causes him to vomit in fear. This soft man drives a Prius. He learns criminal techniques on youtube; researches further on google; & uses his iphone to time guards & illegally photograph documents. Perhaps democracy means that technology can teach crime. Our hero must abandon liberalism for a more reasonable democracy. When he needs money, he attacks & kills drug dealers.

All was accidental. Everybody was as innocent as babes & brimful of the best intentions liberals applaud. Nevertheless, everyone was forced to commit injustice with the greatest plausibility. American citizens had to betray their laws & country. Apparently, they can only find safety, not to mention happiness, in Venezuela.

Liberalism in politics apparently is open to this horrible possibility of committing injustice. Liberals must believe America really is not sufficiently democratic. A family is destroyed & humiliated – & bankrupted, too because of it. Behold the choice spectacle of the injustice of tearing mother from child, wife from husband. – Of the mockery of a justice that allows the husband – no, forces him – to contemplate impotently the destruction of his wife.

Hollywood means to teach us, by outraging us, how wrong we are to believe we are by & large decent, law-abiding citizens. It forces us to watch & commend & urge on illegality, brutality, & anarchy. This is the price we pay for being sentimental, sympathizing with softness so much that we become susceptible to self-hatred.

This shows the latest development in American self-hatred. Time was when you had to go see artistic pretensions & psychological depth rehearsed on psychopaths the portrayal of which made actors & directors famous & revered. Now, America will not countenance that, for people are attached to their habits & love their country. Now, hatred of America hides in popular movies. Again, madness besets the public. Again, famous actors & directors pour talent & money into making evil attractive & decency hopeless.

Only for fans of Russell Crowe