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Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, part 1

The downfall

Harry Potter is coming to the end of his journey. The many, his admirers are enjoying the spectacle. The numbers & enthusiasm suggest this incredibly long story has proven very popular, first in print, now on screen. In the beginning, we saw Harry Potter, neither handsome nor strong, a democrat. He is a very nice boy, & wouldn’t hurt anyone. He’s frail, bespectacled, & not very bright.

The beginning of the end is incredibly depressive. People are murdered who did not deserve it. The murderers are incredibly apt; no one seems able to compel them to stop, not to say inclined… Terror abounds. This is not a good story for kids. The monster is a bad racist; he kills those who disagree with him & his minions as well. Who will do justice? It goes unmentioned. Therefore the evil, being inegalitarian, are more political… Of the good, some turn traitors; the others fight, ineptly. Nobody prepared for this war except the aggressors, because the victims preferred pretending that the truth was pretty, not terrifying; that meant deluding others, too.

Our world’s fate is apparently in the hands of the unlikeliest hero democracy has seen. But let us look upon him as strangers would. The girl is clever, bookish, & unusually brave. The boys are a disgrace to English wit & learning. Neither could throw a punch to save her life; they are not warriors. They are quick to complain; & irresolute. They lack confidence, one suspects, for good reason; what they love, they will not protect. She turns out to be conventional; but the conventions cannot persuade them they are important.

The many, why do they admire Harry Potter? Why do they attach so passionately to a boy removed from their lives & problems? Will they remember him many years from now? He seems to wish piously, sincerely, devoutly that all turn out well. This is no joke to him. Almost no one laughs in these stories; none but the insane, at any rate.

The end is now near, so it would be useful to learn what is magic. To go by what we have seen, it is power to fulfill certain desires; it is like dreams replacing waking life; we take leave of our senses. It seemed attractive first, but now it seems evil. It first seemed the good was grounded in magic, but now the best magicians all turn out to be evil or dead. Great good luck will be required to keep our unlikely protagonist alive, not to say victorious. To judge what we have seen, magic is not beautiful. Nor is the truth about magic beautiful, apparently. At best, it is a consolation for inevitable death.

The beginning of the end

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