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Where are all the good guys gone?

Superman used to be the American hero, fighting for justice & the American way. What was is about the man of steel? He was serious, for he fought evil men; he proved that good is stronger than evil, that justice prevails. But he was unassuming, pleased to be considered a nobody most of the time. Superman chose the private life, not tyranny. What more could any boy dream? What more could be asked of men?

Now, this new film pokes fun at heroes, who are sports jocks & crowd-flatterers. The comic superman makes a spectacle of himself – he is not serious. It is, after all, a comedy. But he cannot like this life, being treated like a trained monkey. He does not even get the girl – he is not her type, she says. No wonder he wants to go away. But what would the world be without him?

Well, if the hero sees a comical world has nothing to offer him, then the villain must be the good guy. Indeed, nowadays, we blame society for making villains bad; therefore, it would seem to follow that destroying society is justified. Then the villain suddenly becomes likable, sympathetic, weak & vulnerable & therefore apt to excite democratic sympathy. This sentimental villain is a hippie: he wants to make love, not war …

Again, the villain is a scientist. Again, science creates monsters. Strangely, this advertises censorship &moral control of science. Science really is immoral: to say villains abuse science is ridiculous when they are the best scientists!

But this time, the villain will create a hero. What is the essence of heroism? It is poetically defined as courage. How will it be scientifically created? Well, the villain thinks – and remember how lovable he is – courage & superhuman powers will tend to be good. Genetic manipulation ensues, then he is promptly & shockingly proven wrong. The monster he creates, as it turns out, is like the villain, & the villain really is a villain: both wish to be tyrants. The villain realizes tyranny is miserable. The monster does not. Of course, taking lessons in justice from a villain is a very eccentric idea. It turns out the hero was right all along, who never tried to tyrannize.

The woman loves the villain; perhaps she may unwittingly tame him. This means the man chnges for her, so he is man and woman both. Behold a kids’ comedy which leaves nothing for the woman to do! The villain successfully transforms himself to woo her & therefore he learns the truth about love. She is very moral & tells him making heroes & monsters is essentially the same if you use an immoral science.

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