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Heist 2

Joe: Why doesn’t he shoot me? Fran: That’s the deal. Joe: He ain’t gonna shoot me? Fran: No. Joe: Then he hadn’t ought to point a gun at me. It’s insincere.

This exchange occurs when it’s all over. This is the only speech about how & why it’s all over. There is a way […]

Heist 1

Joe Moore: Anybody can get the goods. The hard part’s getting away.

Joe is an old thief–he lives on his ability, but there’s no pension in the life of crime. Nobody goes around saying, nice work, if you can get it. The end is near & it ain’t pretty. It hardly matters whether you’re […]

The Spanish prisoner 2

The problem with being a boy scout

Joe runs into deceit after deceit & soon finds himself a sheep among wolves. Theft, legal charges, the end of his career, & accusations of murder come upon him as unexpected as the rewards he desired seemed to him deserved. All his intellect & hard work have […]

The Spanish prisoner 1

The problem with knowing secrets

What if middle class success in the modern technological world, so full of knowledge & opportunity, were to depend on who you are & what you can do rather than on our world as we know it? What if you were the guy you read about in some shocking […]

Oleanna 3

Political correctness

Act 3 is a harrowing experience: The professor seems to have gone into hiding in the office he stands to lose, in retreat from his life among people. He is no longer famous, rewarded, held to be noble & good. His love of education has been so caricatured that his future collapsed. […]

Oleanna 2

The institutionalization of anger

Act 2 begins with the professor’s long speech. This points out the incoherence & inability to communicate in the first act & shows the failure of the attempt to educate. There is a speech now, because now there is a clear intention. Mind is naturally focused–& his mind, we learn, […]

Oleanna 1

The demystification of the office

This is a terrible warning: Love of teaching collapses into political terror. Perhaps a timely concern. The title recalls an old utopian socialist community that collapsed & a Communist song mocking its pretenses. It suggests, softness is bound to be replaced by harshness; love by fear. The highest aspiration […]

Red 2

Some comic notes on the private life

Fraud or force must win. Curiosity favors fraud. Spy stories require it. The old have no other recourse. But once you start killing, can you stop? Fraud blurs the distinction between man & woman; force sharpens it. The young man who plays cop & stands for morality […]

Red 1

The end of heroic spies

R.E.D. means retired, extremely dangerous. Unfortunately, this pun shan’t catch. Apparently, some young bureaucrat with delusions of efficiency retires men specialized in retiring those with whom the government disagrees, if you follow… Administration vs. the executive does not sound like the fight of the century, but it discloses the […]