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The expendables 2

Men & Tyrants Some notes on the emergence of heroes in the foundations of countries

The island where our story takes place first appears when the two heroes do reconnaissance; then when they come to fight. The first view is dispassionate, professional. The men & women there are not our friends or countrymen. We […]

The expendables 1

Men & poets Some notes on the necessity & difficulty of telling stories about war & justice in our times

Sylvester Stallone has endeavored to bring back all the action stars, gracing them in the process with a memorable appearance. Men die, being mortal, when their bodies die. Heroes die only when they are […]

The other guys 3

Men, friendship, women, peace, & virtue

There’s a woman cop, trying to teach men sensitivity & sentimentality. Does she expect them to go on killing & dying on the job if she succeeds? Does she understand you have to like that job to do it?

They look like overgrown kids, brandishing guns, competing for […]

The other guys 2

On anger & freedom

Our story leaves these superhuman creatures behind to show us the other guys, of whom we are rarely aware & never proud. They never acquired fame & fortune… Democratic men have no great virtues; their lives & ambitions do not reach the highest perches known to mankind. Enter Mark Wahlberg […]

The other guys 1

Manliness in the democracy

Real men look like The Rock – a wrestler. They are colored, which is – pace my Viking readers – pretty manly: A life lived in the harsh sun, in nature. Now The Rock is a pretty suggestive name & the man must be 6’2” & well over 220lbs. The […]

You don’t mess with the Zohan 4

What part does eroticism play in the story?

Zohan, a Jewish soldier, stages his death to escape the never-ending war with the Palestinians. He flies to America to start a new life as a hair-stylist & eventually marries a Palestinian girl who had also fled the Promised land for the almost promised land. Not […]

You don’t mess with the Zohan 3

On women & love

A hairstylist is a comic compromise between love of beauty & democratic talent-peddling for money. In a democracy, weaklings will insult men who could kill them for the nuisance… The arts of war are replaced by false arts. But Zohan loves beauty more than war. Honor & glory might bring […]

You don’t mess with the Zohan 2

On men & war

Fighting terrorism for a living can be tiring. A man risks his life daily; he believes his enemies must be killed & his friends saved; & he must believe, perhaps, that success is within reach. Our comedy must make Zohan seem invincible, so that we may laugh. But what is […]

You don’t mess with the Zohan 1

On family & democracy

To understand the Zohan & his story, a rough sketch of the plot is necessary. A Jewish soldier stages his death to escape the never-ending war with the Palestinians. He flies to America to start a new life as a hair-stylist & eventually marries. Not your usual comedy… Treason & […]