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Man & the forest

A half-dozen football-field Americans descend into the forests south of the border, where America is lawless. They are warriors, trained for special operations. We take for granted that men war for country & glory – without patriotism, we would perish quickly. Surprisingly, some men wage war anonymously. But then their country cannot love them.

Man’s warlike spirit overwhelms him if he is not held back. In war, the warrior’s excellence controls his anger. He wishes to survive war. But the forest is permanent war. It precedes warriors & grounds their self-awareness. The predator who scares even men embodies it. This most powerful unit in a modern army disappears in the forest. One man alone returns, rendered un-technological. Their tracker knows death has come for them & cannot be conquered.

The laws enter the forest with their warriors. They honor their dead; they obey orders; they do not flinch at sacrifice. – Surprisingly, they are a rescue team. They attack the terrorist camp & blow to high heaven everything in sight, putting the fear of God in the terrorists. They return evil to the evil & protect their friends – that is justice. This is the regime portrayed through the military. Though successful, they must withdraw into civilization. Even they cannot live there. But the forest closes around them.

The men are decimated by the monster. Blain wields a machinegun, Poncho a grenade launcher; Billy does tracking, Hawkins communications; Mac is their sergeant, Dutch his major; (the surprise is Dillon, the political officer.) Apparently, they are not really better warriors together. The art of war is an art of prophecy; ultimately, it delivers peace, after victory, or perpetual war. Apparently, art exaggerates its power. The forest is trying to kill the men. The arts originally imitate, & perhaps complete, inhuman nature. Our fellowmen also want to kill us, as we saw in the beginning. The warriors start in camouflage, trying to blend into the forest, so that the human beings will not know them. Then they are murdered by a monster which they did not know. Their flayed bodies shockingly show the human being reduced to a mere animal. Food for carrion. Death in the forest brings anonymity.

This monster, surprisingly, only attacks predators. He fights because he loves it, not because he needs to eat. Our warriors never eat either, though they sleep in the forest. One chews tobacco; some drink spirits. They are as quiet as you would think. When they make a mistake, they die. Only the major is left alive at the end; his most effective weapons are the most primitive. This is a return to the forest.

The best man against alien movie. Find it. See it.