Table of contents

Despicable me

On the fun life

Choose between inhuman order & passionate disorder. The orderly are humorless & we are for comedy, so it is easy.

The hall of evil entrance is a public toilet. Our villain’s headquarters – a rock stage. The robots doing the dirty work look like cookies. – Do you see how everything hides behind the innocuous or ridiculous? The world is made to seem fun & everything will seem childish. The story deceives children by being funny. Not being children, we must ask what the story means.

Crime has to pay, our villain finds. We were led to believe crime has to be grand, audacious – call it magic tricks. But now we find out it’s done for the money. But if a villain is our protagonist, crime is not bad. Doing it for the money must be bad then. That ugly truth must be given the lie: the minions willingly pay the villain: their loyalty is his title to rule. He eventually becomes their father-figure, after they save his life, risking theirs. So we learn grandeur is itself deceiving: impressive crimes are really the cries of children hurt by callous parents.

This is the story of three little girls whom no one will adopt & whose caretaker is a soulless woman. Our villain adopts them to further his evil schemes. At least, now they become useful. As they refuse to do what he wants, he has to cope with their irrationality, & so discovers they are lovable. He attaches to them enough to eventually forego his plans.

His unhappy childhood might be vindicated in their happy childhood. But they are better able to feel pleasure than him, so that is what they teach him. His transformation occurs when he no longer believes children’s books are stupid & writes one himself. He is redeemed in despite of his villainy by his disinterested love of children: when he looks to their good, he shows he understands something about morality – that it helps human beings to come together. The kids, of course, suffer no transformation, they are what they are, presumably, perfect – at least as perfect as a world that would be fun.

Forget the family plot. The technology displayed is plausible. No one is shrinking the moon yet, but there are robot dogs… Technology seems to fulfill our whims. Welcome to the new science. The minions playing with horrible weapons are not so different to people. Neither need to think: just push a button & point. Perhaps shrinking the moon means this kind of power is not ours & does not improve us – but it robs us of any sense of right & wrong. Now we only have a sense of power.

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