Table of contents


Man & the forest

A half-dozen football-field Americans descend into the forests south of the border, where America is lawless. They are warriors, trained for special operations. We take for granted that men war for country & glory – without patriotism, we would perish quickly. Surprisingly, some men wage war anonymously. But then their […]


Man outside the city

This is a story about man’s & mankind’s survival. It says men are superior to women & must rule. It rejects civilized morality, returning to harsh necessity. What lives will survive & must therefore fight: Is that right or wrong? Our man believes the human passions must be subdued, reduced […]


On the art of war & politics

Unlike us, this movie is dreadfully serious. It is a spy movie. Presidents’ lives are threatened; good & evil come together; violent death is always at hand, for fear & necessity drive everyone to kill. The story is nevertheless polite about American foreign policy.

The only suggestion […]

Despicable me

On the fun life

Choose between inhuman order & passionate disorder. The orderly are humorless & we are for comedy, so it is easy.

The hall of evil entrance is a public toilet. Our villain’s headquarters – a rock stage. The robots doing the dirty work look like cookies. – Do you see how […]

The last airbender

Some notes on spirits

This is the story of the end of a long-forgotten world. This world is divided into nations who live by their ability to control severally the elements. A world divided into elements which are tied magically to people tends to reduce soul to body.

The fire Nation is the great […]

Grownups 2

On women

We used to ask whether women were beautiful. Now, whether they work. But movies suggest we still love beauty in women. This bolsters poets’ confidence… Sandler’s wife is both beautiful & works. But she learns her children are rather growing up than being raised by her; the results are not flattering; she […]

Grownups 1

On democracy & men

Sandler plays a rich, successful Hollywood agent. His designer wife wants to take him to Milan for fashion week. His spoilt kids do not even like playing, except on computers. They follow celebrity gossip; they love luxury. He wants them to be like him. His wife doubts her mothering skills, […]

Knight & Day 2

On love & the impediments to happiness

This is obviously a Bond fantasy: Running through beautiful cities doing espionage & seducing beauties. But it is also obviously a comedy. This suggests subtle criticism. Bond is seen through men’s eyes. This comedy through a woman’s eyes. Hence Tom Cruise: His manliness not only leaves room […]