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New moon

Some notes on erotic love

This is Isabella’s love story. Happily, it is a very difficult thing to solve, so we might hope to learn why love stories have become so difficult to solve. The girl’s awareness of mortality is our theme this time. She speaks of a hole punched through her chest after she declares her carelessness of her own soul. If her story is a race, Bella is a black horse.

This girl abandoned life as we know it for a romantic beloved. He is foreign & she dislikes the common. Life as we know it bores her to death; her suffering is her self-pity; she thinks she is too good for her life. We see her divorced parents & her high-school: they have nothing to offer her. The problem seems to be that what she wants is immortal; getting it is surely a job for poetry… She takes pride in the pangs of love. If her suffering is anything like her beloved, who seems to have caused it, you can see the attraction.

In her dreams, she is terrified and she screams. If she spends her waking hours struggling with her memories of her lover, what is she doing at night? It seems, at least, that by day she is aware that she is missing something. As it is, she daydreams about her lover, who is like air; but she can only dream the truth about her friend, who is there in the flesh.

Her pursuit of danger & the mention of adrenaline suggest anger. – She sees anger in earnest when her friend threatens to kill a boy merely for getting to close to him. That boy is obviously blind; his sheltered life made anger seem strange. – Eventually, we see both sides of anger in action: she befriends one man, but abuses and slaps another; the one risks his life to save hers & the other, losing all restraint, tries to kill her.

Although one is tempted to identify her friend with his healthy & youthful beauty, that entails a danger: he moves quickly from love to hate. He can neither be tamed nor discarded. Our just deserts never seem brighter than in this motion which we call jealousy. And our heroine’s name is the beautiful. Her friend thinks he owns her because she is his friend: protection entails possession; and the good is one’s own good.

Bella’s beloved Edward is quite bashful. He is utterly moral. See his unhealthy look & deceiving youth. Never was the man put on screen who had to refuse life’s pleasures so much, doubting whether he ought to do as he would… But he finds self-restraint easy. People might think him pensive; he is not, despite the air of nobility; but he is not a nobody, although only his suffering proves that. He is a white knight, to speak romantically. The one thing he will not do is break the law; to do so would cost him his life. He seldom concerns himself with his happiness. He tells Bella she is not good for him. She supposes he means that she is not good enough – she still feels shame – one part of her love for him. But he means that he loves her: love itself is not good, because it moves him to break the law – the other part. So he runs away & leaves her unprotected.

Bella had been protected, her expectations fulfilled. She never learnt the difference between what things seem like and what they are. She is confronted with two men of the same kind & with opposite characters. The one would give in to anger & kill her. The other would loath himself & leave her. All this trouble teaches her that pleasure & pain go together. She must decide how to face the consequences of the excesses with which she is confronted. Though no longer given to excesses herself, her lover still is – she has yet to understand his self-pity. It is one thing for her to think him worth loving & another to persuade him that that is the truth of things. She must make him fall in love with himself as she sees him.

The new moon is the invisible moon. The moon blocks sunlight. Now, when we see that we cannot see the moon anymore we are reminded that the sun is the cause behind both, which reminds that the sun is a cause.

The best entry in the series; no action, too much romantic longing

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