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Shrek Forever after 2

Taming manliness

Shrek is a comedy & an American family movie. Shrek, we remember, enjoys what disgusts us. We like him, although we behave… His stallion is really an ass; worse is said of his princess; his swamp is his castle. When it comes to inheriting the kingdom, he rather would not.

Unlike Shrek, […]

Shrek Forever after 1

The problem with marriage-

The Ogre Dream, apparently, is to do everything manly for manly motives, earning public approval, right, & success along the way. – Good vanquish evil & not be too righteous how. All may laugh to see the impotent evil fall from make-believe pedestals. & all enjoy the bawdy way. Our […]

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

The city, war, & the forest

Kevin Costner presented the world with the harshest Robin Hood civilized men have seen. Its popular success does not account for the manly perspective – his men are not merry, but much manlier. Medieval England is the stage for the unfolding drama of honor: straightforward men want to […]

Robin Hood 2

Robin Hood & the Magna Carta

Robin learns from one of the king’s most devoted lords that his father had been a master mason & philosopher who drafted the Magna Carta &, by a bit of a revolution, almost got the king to sign it. But burdensome bothersome facts – he had no army, […]

Robin Hood 1

Robin Hood & the Plantagenet Wars

Russell Crowe, this generation’s man in arms, is back at the work he does best. Events again force him into murder, war, & politics. He must unhesitatingly lead men who hesitate; he must tell them what to believe to fight; & he must endure everything leading to victory. […]

Alice in Wonderland 2

Poetry & democracy

Movies show us images of things, which we believe are real things to a sufficient extent to be moved to applaud or fear, to laugh or cry. The pleasure movies offer points to this ability to connect images with things & therefore to distinguish them. There is something inherently superficial about […]

Alice in Wonderland 1

The artist & his muse

Alice is to escape a stuffy Victorian soiree, an engagement to an obnoxious boy, & a life of quiet desperation. This is why she goes to Wonderland. Whatever she sees there, when she comes back, she becomes an adventurous merchant, like her father. It would seem that the South […]

New moon

Some notes on erotic love

This is Isabella’s love story. Happily, it is a very difficult thing to solve, so we might hope to learn why love stories have become so difficult to solve. The girl’s awareness of mortality is our theme this time. She speaks of a hole punched through her chest after […]

The Blind Side

Americans & football

When’s the last time you saw a basketball star & a cheerleader treated as heroes? They enjoy their private life & cause no suffering. They do not even boast of their achievements. What reversal could occur in their story? Who will threaten their happiness? The government.

The woman, brimful of confidence, […]